For athletes who are determined to make functional and intense training an everyday habit. Athletes who seek maximum value from every square inch of their living space - and from every workout
Vitruvian V-Form Trainer


Think you know what heavy feels like? Don’t think. Feel.

Vitruvian V-Form Trainer

The V-Form Trainer adapts to your unique capabilities, learns your habits and motivates you to reach your point of failure more safely and at greater weights solo than ever before. The machine seems to conjure pure weight out of thin air. From 5kg to 180kg, whatever your range, Vitruvian technology will push you out of your comfort zone. Nobody said progress is easy.

Fit! Home Gym

Assembles in 60 seconds. 
Endless exercise options.
Easy break-down and storage.

Recovery Systems


Compression Recovery

Recovery Systems

Recovery Systems use a variety of treatment modes to effectively mimic the body’s natural recovery, greatly enhancing the movement of fluid and waste out of the limbs after an intense workout of competition. The active compression helps move blood through your veins towards your heart. The continuous squeeze or compression phase from the lower limbs to upper limbs lasts around 1 minute effectively keeps the fluid moving in the right direction.
Serious about recovery

What was formerly only available as clinics can now be brought home. This accessibility will lead to regular daily use, which will make a significant difference to all. After all, recovery is a daily dose that we should all partake in.

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Make an impression
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THEGREATCOMPANY's vision is to build unique partnership's with reputable brands like NÜO Athletics, Fit! and Vitruvian, bringing you the true domestic fitness lifestyle in Singapore.