Strong Fitness Magazine Australia: We Tried It - Work out from home with the new V-Form

Strong Fitness Magazine Australia: We Tried It - Work out from home with the new V-Form

Think of the V-Form Trainer like a high-tech gym condensed down into a 25kg (100cm x 50cm) platform. All the exercises you perform on weight machines and free weights, you can do on this compact little unit – from heavy deadlifts and squats, to dumbbell curls.

Image: Vitruvian

At the moment, the V-Form is a flat platform with two handles and a motorised resistance system, that can easily be stowed away into even the smallest storage cupboard. But there’s more equipment – including a barbell-type pole and a gym bench – coming soon.

What makes it so unique?

The V-Form’s associated V-App. The app comes with a bunch of workout ideas and suggested programs, like a personal trainer in your pocket. But its algorithms are the real golden nugget. Without getting too nerdy, the app essentially knows how much weight you can safely and effectively move at any given time. 

Fatigued in your last set and form starting to falter? The computer knows and automatically takes the resistance down a peg. Don’t know your own strength or tempted to move the same weight week after week? Not on the V-Form – it will automatically and incrementally increase your weights at just the right time.  

So you keep getting stronger and leaner – safely – without having to think about it.  

Why was the V-Form created?

The V-Form’s creator, Perth-based Jon Gregory, is a high-frequency trader and physicist and spends his days writing algorithms for financial market. So, he’s about as smart of a human as you find. And in his downtime? He’s an avid weightlifter and father of three. One day, he decided to combine his two passions, and created an algorithm that would ensure people progress in their training as quickly and as safely as possible, from the comfort of their own home. And so the V-Form was born.  

Since then, it has the likes of celebrity Trainer Amanda Bisk on board and on the brink of releasing exclusive training programs using the V-Form. And that’s before the machine has even officially hit the Aussie market…

How does it work?

You stand on the platform, connect the app to your smart TV and away you go. After selecting your preferred trainer-led class or workout program (or entering your own), you perform three ‘test reps’ of each exercise, where the algorithm works out exactly how much weight you can safely lift. And then away you go – the algorithm driven weight system automatically adjusts the weight needed for each lift as you go through each set and rep.

Image: Vitruvian

What are the pros?

  • It’s compact: You get a home gym that’s so space-efficient and streamlined it can fit into even the smallest of apartments.
  • You can still lift heavy: The sophisticated algorithm driven and motorised resistance system lets you lift up to 200kg – that’s a lot of weight plates that have suddenly become obsolete!
  • You don’t need to think: No complex training programs or minutes spent selecting the right weight. Just select a workout, and the machine does the rest for you.
  • Protect yourself: Reduce the chances of going too hard and lifting too heavy, only to get injured and have your progress set back for months on end. Plus, avoid all the expensive physio bills. 
  • Get all the nerdy feedback you desire: See how you are progressing and stay motivated with the mountain of graphs and data collected by the in-built computer.  
  • It’s like having a live-in high-tech coach: Perform each exercise with good form and at the weights your body needs to see results, without needing your coach, group instructor or personal trainer in the room with you.

Any cons? 

  • The cost: She doesn’t come cheap (see below) but, hey – neither do gym memberships and classes, injury or spending years training for lacklustre results. 

Editor verdict

‘Personally, I thought the V-Form was incredibly clever and innovative. Particularly for mums or busy working professionals, who don’t have the time to be rushing to a gym class or personal training session, and want the most bang for their training buck.

‘It’s easy to use and easy to store in tight spaces, such as a small training studio or apartment. And it’s particularly useful for those currently in lockdown,’ – Katelyn Swallow, Editor-in-Chief. 

What’s the cost?

We aren’t going to lie, for SGD$250 per month as a subscription for the device and content (or SGD$2,9900) to buy the unit outright), the V-Form is an investment. But when you consider a year’s worth of gym membership and personal training fees, or the cost of putting together your own home gym, it’s easily worth it.

You can get more info and place your order here

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